The laser-like focus here at Cannon Beach Conference Center (CBCC) is to eliminate all distractions so the Lord can minister to you. Our rooms will be clean when you arrive, your meals will be hot and delicious, and your meeting room will be exactly the way your group needs it to be so you can get down to the serious business of regaining your original passion for Christ and your child-like ability to play again.

Our staff has a heart for your ministry. We understand the crucial necessity of ensuring individual private time with the Lord in between any events you plan and your free-time excursions around town and on the beach.

Why go on a Religious Retreat?

Spiritual Refreshment
If it has been too long since you got quiet before God, youíre overdue here at Cannon Beach!

To Connect
If you donít know everything there is to know about the individuals in your fellowship group, youíre overdue at Cannon Beach!

To have fun
If you canít remember the last time you laughed yourself silly or pondered the deeper questions of faith, family and other fundamentals while strolling along a world-renowned beach, youíre overdue at Cannon Beach!

To work
It's incredibly refreshing to get away to focus on word and work of the Lord.

Located on the spectacular northern Oregon Coast, CBCC is just ninety minutes from Portland and four hours from Seattle.

Our facilities feature eight meeting rooms, three dining rooms
and accommodations for ten to 400 individuals. And delicious home- cooked meals are served up by friendly wait staff.

Please call today to reserve the dates you want. Space is limited so no one gets crowded. We look forward to helping you plan your next religious retreat.
Religious Retreat

Have you ever noticed that whenever a group returns from a religious retreat, your entire congregation is lifted up and refreshed in spite of the fact that not all of them participated in the retreat? 

A Religious Retreat renews and refreshes its participants (and the people they touch and influence later) in myriad ways. During a retreat, individuals come together to share and embrace the key truths that have given them new perspectives on their walk with Christ, perspectives that continue to influence their interactions with others long after theyíve returned home.

The unity of purpose that develops during a religious retreat spreads throughout the congregation; fellowship broadens and deepens. Interactions and relationships inside the family home become more positive and hopeful. Revived and restored, teachers and church leaders encourage and minister with renewed vigor and understanding.

Any time you can wrangle time away from the hustle and bustle of your daily challenges to focus on God will bear fruit in your life. With your endless to-do lists and your work-life balance challenges, where can you find the space you need to decide what to give your life and energies to?

The Bible recognizes that believers are uniquely gifted and called to serve the Lord. The same holds true for Christian ministries like yours.
Religious Retreat
Religious Retreat
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Religious Retreat